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Xander L. Harris
25 February 2006 @ 01:05 pm
With Valentine's Day around the corner we want you to think about love. Who do you love? What does it do to you? Does it lift you up like a bad cheesy power ballad? Does it destroy you? What does love do to you? What has it done to you in the past?

In my life, I've learned that there are many types of love.

There is friend-type love where in my case I'd risk my life on a daily basis for. Love for Will, Buff, and Giles definitely falls under this category.

I'll talk about Giles first. The love that I have for him is the unspoken friendship love. We both will probably never admit that we love each other. Probably because he is a guy and well, British. He's the closest I've ever come to having a Father. Since my Dad is pretty much lacking the unconditional love department. Giles will still be there for me no matter what. Even if I've summoned a demon that makes us all sing or if I cast a love spell on all the women we know. Now, my Dad on the other hand, makes fun of all the mistakes I make.

Then there is Willow. We have the destined to be non-sexual life partners type love. When Will and I first met there was a instant connection. Even before we were in kindergarten we instinctively knew that we were destined to be social misfits. That deep acceptance and automatic trust type stuff is why when she tried to end the world I had to be by her side. I wasn't going to help her but I was gonna be there for her.

We've come to the hero-worship type love. Those that know us wouldn't need to ask who. That's Buffy. When we first met and before I knew who she really was it was pure and simple how I felt for her. It was lust. Then over the years she's become a real-life comic book hero. All powerful could kill a bad guy with her pinky type kind of girl. She's the hero and I'll forever be her trusty sidekick.

There is sibling-esque type love. I don't have any siblings of my own but Dawn is the closest I guess I'll ever come to having a sibling type relationship. My Mom in fact is going through that change in life and whenever I talk to her she has to remind me of it. I am grateful that she is past her childbearing years because I really don't think that I could deal with having a little brother or little sister at this point in my life. So Dawn is the one and only for that type of love.

Then there is the ultimate kind of love. Romantic love. Since I am never one to wax poetically about the throes of passion or the "love lifts us up where we belong" type of love I'll just say that the only two people that I have had that kind of end all love are Cordy and Anya.

Now, the flame that I carried for Cordy burned out quite a long time ago and as a teenager that flame probably burned the brightest in the love spectrum for that time. That might've been just teenage hormone type love and it really had no kind of romance in it whatsoever.

Anya, on the other hand, her flame, even though we are no longer adding logs to the fire refuses to go out. This metaphor stinks by the way. Because if we are going for the whole flame metaphor it is so true. Just 'cause fire burns. It hurts. I don't think that it is a kind of love that I altogether like very much unless I am actually reaping the benefits of.

So what have we learned children? I'll quote my hero and just say, "love makes you do the wacky."
Xander L. Harris
21 January 2006 @ 03:33 pm
Working along side the slayer for as many years as Xander had he really learned how to fix things. To put what was broken back together. No one paid attention to what happened to things after they were broken except Xander. All the others just knew that come morning it'd all be put back together.

Xander really didn't like the fixing part as much as he like making things from scratch. Building something from nothing.

Xander's real passion was building things, making them. He liked seeing a building after months and months of hard labor. Brick by brick and board by board, something where there was nothing before. He loved the feel of a hammer in his hands pounding nail after nail into a piece of wood and making it stand. He compared building to making love to a woman.

Work with it long enough and the rewards would pay off. Whether it was a new building or a content and worn out Anya, he loved to work with his hands. That was his passion.

Muse: Xander Harris
Fandom: BtVS
Word count: 175
Xander L. Harris
16 January 2006 @ 10:44 pm
Cast the Lifetime movie based on your life and tell us about it. You can give us a brief synopsis of the major plot points, tell us about the dramatic climax, or even write a scene from it. Remember this is only based loosely on the real events of your life so take as many liberties as you want with it.

Lifetime movie? C'mon! Snooze fest galore. Isn't that the channel that shows only flicks of the chick? If that is really the case I know exactly what event in my life Lifetime would exploit to their advantage. The 'leaving Anya at the altar' incident would be the major plot no doubt. And the movie wouldn't be about me, it'd be about Ahn. Ahn and her struggle to get over such a humiliating experience. It would totally be Lifetime because it could be a total man-hating escapade.

Or! If it had to be about me, it could be about losing my eye.

Trailer voice over thingy: The heroic avenger who lost his eye defending women. A modern day story of David and Goliath. A construction worker who risked it all and ended up losing his very livelihood.

I can't even finish, just way too cheesy. Y'know it's gotta be really cheesy if I think it's too cheesy.

So anyway casting is fun.

Me- Bruce Campbell (when he was younger)
Buff- Jennifer Aniston (younger, and don't kill me)
Will- Molly Ringwald (young again, because of the red hair and all)
Dawn- Jackie from that 70s show
Giles- Sir Anthony Hopkins (non-Hannibal-esque of course)
Spike- Billy Idol
Faith- I'd probably offend ya if I picked a porn star so, Michelle Rodriguez
Xander L. Harris
07 January 2006 @ 09:14 pm
Why does this not surprise me?Collapse )
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Xander L. Harris
31 December 2005 @ 12:43 am
Everything about Xander L. Harris in musical form. I had a few other songs on there but for embarassment sake I decided not to put them on here.

1. Wheatus-Teenage Dirtbag
lyricsCollapse )
I so used to be.

2. T.a.t.u.-Clowns (Can you see me now?)
lyricsCollapse )
Something about high school aged girls who are lesbians (at least they pretend to be, according to Will) make it okay that they are singing about clowns. Even though clowns are the scariest.thing.ever.

3. Ozzy Osbourne-Road to Nowhere
lyricsCollapse )
Very few things I would change about my life.

4. The Wannadies-You & Me Song

lyricsCollapse )
This song is so about Will, Buff, and I. Except for the whole part about kissing. A lot of the time I think when I have felt less than manly they have reminded me that even though they are both girls I can keep my manhood. And I really don't mean for that to sound as cavemanish as it does sound.

5. The Fuggs-Boobs alot!
lyricsCollapse )
That's basically the whole song. I think it's a give in why I like it.

6. Meatloaf-Life is a lemon and I Want My Money Back
lyricsCollapse )
This song pretty much describes itself with the title. When I am having a bad day I can just listen to it and feel better thinking about the fact that the singers name is Meatloaf. It also makes me feel better about my appearance by thinking about what Meatloaf looks like. Kinda like... meatloaf. Yick!

7. The Rolling Stones-You Can't Always Get What You Want
lyricsCollapse )
Too true. Goes back to that whole thing about everything happening for a reason. Gotta believe that.

8. Paul Simon-Obvious Child
lyricsCollapse )
That's gonna be me in 10 years. Wait, that's me now. That is if I still had access to one of our high school yearbooks.

9. Johnny Cash-Fools Hall of Fame
lyricsCollapse )
Country music has always been the perfect music of self-mockery and when I need to wallow in pain. It was on repeat for a few weeks after I left Anya at the altar. Patsy Cline and Mr. Cash are big time players during those times.

10. Tom Petty-Won't Back Down
lyricsCollapse )
Not so easy to be the non-superpowered one sometimes. That doesn't mean that I am gonna roll over and play dead though either.

11. Barenaked Ladies-Another Postcard (Chimpanzees)
lyricsCollapse )
All the cards that Will and I have exchanged through the years even on our fifth birthdays have had chimps or some form of primate on them. This song reminds me of that.

12. David Gray-Hospital Food
lyricsCollapse )
Hospital food is really the worst. Having to go to the hospital is the actual worst worst.

13. Saliva-Bleed For Me
lyricsCollapse )